Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day At Lake Granby

Took my first trip to Granby for the season over Memorial Day weekend. Left the house Friday morning at 4 am. This was the first real test for the new (to me) Tundra. The truck did great. It had no problems driving over the mountains while pulling the boat. Did use a lot of gas.. but that was expected.

My friend Marin and his girlfriend flew in from San Francisco to fish with us. I had another friend from work who was supposed to go up with us.. but the super charger on his new Audi blew up, so he didn't get to make it.

We found a nice house to rent for the weekend on VRBO. Pretty close to the lake and with all of us pitching in it was cheaper than the cheapest hotel in Granby. It was also really close to Grand Lake.

On Friday morning it was cold and wet. The girls and Marin did not want to fish, so I dropped them off at the house we rented. I was on the lake fishing by 7:30 am. My friend Jeremy who lives in Granby and fishes all the time told me lakers were active in 40ish feet of water. I looked at a topo map and found a few spots at that depth that I thought might hold some fish. Didn't really have much luck in any of the spots I found. So I checked out some deeper spots I normally use later in the summer. Marked a couple of fish at Inspiration Point and Ford's Hump. So I gave them a try and caught a few. I got 5 that morning. Nothing huge, but it was good to be out on the lake. That evening we ate at Mavericks and drank a lot of beer :)

Saturday morning we were out on the lake by 6:30. I had a full boat with 4 people. That was not ideal for fishing lol. We fished 3 people at a time. I tried the deep water spots again and we caught a few. It was really cold and wet all day. No one was having a great time :s That night we went into Grand Lake to get dinner. That was my first time in Grand Lake. Nice town with some pretty decent food.

I spoke with my friend Jeremy that night and he said he would be out fishing the next morning and would show me where the fish were hanging out. Next morning at 6 am we met him in Arapaho Bay. There is a nice big sandy flat back there that is between 30 and 60 feet. The fishing was awesome and so was the weather. Caught fish all day till we left at 11 am. This time it was just Marin and I in my boat and Jeremy in his boat. I would have stayed all day but the ladies were at the house with no car and not much to do. I feel like I really dialed in my vertical jigging style that day. That night we went to the hot springs in Indian Springs. It was very relaxing and felt good on muscles sore from jigging for days in a row. We had lake trout for dinner that night :)

Monday morning we all went out again and fished till about noon. The fishing was still good, but not as good as Saturday. Diane hopped in Jeremy's boat so we could all fish at the same time. She caught her fist fish of the season. After fishing we cleaned up the house and stopped at Mackinaw's to grab lunch the headed home. Cant wait to get back up to Granby on the 10th. Got to go a friends wedding this coming weekend or I would go then.

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