Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Misc Update

Last few short trips I have hit Geanos reef and Oconto. Geanos reef was a bust. Marked nothing all day, but did see people musky fishing on a cool point just to the north. That point had some nice cabbage on it. Oconto was a little better. I tried the shoal and managed a few walleye and some sheeps head. In shallow, kind of close to the entrance of the marina, I found fish near weed edges on SI. Managed a couple more sheeps and eyes. Saw a 40ish inch musky floating dead by the breakwater.

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend I tried the bay in Marinette. Found some isolated rock near the bank heading to Menekaunee shoal. Managed 7 SMB and a rock bass there. Bass were all pretty good size. Largest was 4lb 6oz. Motored out to checkout green island. We had a strong west wind that day, so the waves were pretty big at the island. Got freaked out and left hah. The Menomenee river looked pretty cool. Cast it a bit but had no luck.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Larson's and 2 Mile Reef 8/17 and 8/18

Took off work early on Tuesday and headed up to 2 mile reef. On the spot about 4pm. Water temp was mid 70's. Good breeze put a solid chop on the water. Fishing was good. Boated 22 eyes in about 3 hours. Couple of good sized ones.

Stayed at Cherryland that night and started off at Larson's reef the next morning. Basically no wind at all and the water temp got up to 80. Didn't really see many fish at all. Managed on small eye and a sheepshead. After about 6 hours of that I loaded the boat up and went back to 2 Mile. Fished there from about 3 to 5. Still no wind and super hot water temps. Water was also very green with alge. Marked tons of fish on the reef but nothing much was biting for the first hour. After that the bite slowly picked up. Boated about 12 fish. No biggins. All on glide baits.

Monday, August 16, 2021

2 Mile Reef 8/14

Fising by 6 am. Wind was not bad. Water temp was low 70s. Good chop on the water in the morning and afternoon. In the morning the reef was loaded with people. After an hour or so most people took off. Found walleye stacked up all over the north end in about 20 FOW. Hammered them on #2 Shiver Minnow - Purple Zit and #7 metallic blue jigging rap. Caught about 30, with 7 being over 21". The largest was about 23.75. They were all supper fat and hard fighting. Fishing was really good in the morning and afternoon when the wind was blowing. In the middle of the day it got calm and slowed down. Hooked into what must have been a massive catfish. Had him for about a minute before it got off. Sunday I fished Sister Bay. Got about 9 bass. Couple of good ones. It was a little slow over all. Big wind and waves made the day kind of miserable.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Sister Bay 8/7/21

Fished Sister Bay for the first time. Lots of great structure. Found the biggins in 32 fow. Pretty much hammered them all day. Biggest was 4.75 lbs.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Glendo Reservoir

Fished Glendo for the first time. Pretty cool lake. Caught a fair amout of walleye and some big crappie. Boat froze to the trailer pretty solid the second day. Looking forward to trying this lake again next spring.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Lake McConaughy

Hit McConaughy for the first time with my friend Luke. We did a little slabbing and drop shotting. Pretty good time. That lake has some really nice bass.

Monday, October 26, 2020

P-Lo and 11 Mile

Weekend of 10-17 - Diane and I fished P-Lo Saturday and Sunday. We caught a lot of Walleye each day. Slabbing at Middle Island. Diane Caught a nice catfish.

Weekend of 1-23 - I fished 11 Mile on Friday. No pike. 4 good trout. Very cold. Saturday and Sunday I fished P-Lo. Sunday Kevin was with me. Between the two of us over both days we caught 14 fish. One of which was about a 10lb carp. Found a new spot for slabbing close to turkey creek. It was really really cold, wet, and windy on Sunday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

P-Lo with Russ

The slab bite is good at Plo. Russ and I hit middle island and SMB Point. Friday I got 8 from SMB point in the evening. Saturday we caught 21 with 8 keepers. Russ got a 25.25 walleye. I got a new PB at 20.25. Next day Russ got a huge catfish, almost 28lbs. We caught a bunch of walleye but no keepers. Pretty good trip.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Spinney w/ Diane and SGM

Saturday Diane and I fished Spinney. We caught a good amount of trout, a few pike, one 27". Sunday Russ fished with us. We probably caught 15 or so fat bows. Several MA. Had to tow in our 3rd boat of the season. Both days were about 21F at 6:30am!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Chatfield 9/30

Hit Chatfield this morning with Diane. We fished from 7am till noon. Did best on the point just outside the marina and Massey Draw. Caught 8 or 9 fish. Mostly smallmouths, with a few walleye, and a yellow perch. All fish were super fat. The birds were diving on shad all day. Apparently everything at Chatfield is living large right now. Fished in about 12-16 FOW. Raps and blades. Vertical and casting. Water temp was 60-61.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Replacing Lund Fuel Vent

Up until 2020 models Lunds came with a plastic fuel tank vent on the port side bow. The vent stuck out about 1/2 inch and was easy to damage. After breaking off 3 I decided to see what my options were. I found a flush(mostly) mount stainless steel vent from Attwood that is mostly a drop in replacement. The model number of the stainless steel ven is 66032-3, you can see it here: https://www.nauticexpo.com/prod/attwood/product-22400-418439.html. For refrence here is the old style (66419-3): https://www.nauticexpo.com/prod/attwood/product-22400-562207.html.

Here are the steps to replace the plastic vent:

First thing is to remove the gas hose cover. To do this remove the two screws that hold the plastic gas cap assembly to the gunnel.

Open the gas cap and remove the four screws that hold the cap to the cover

Remove the two screws that hold the cover to the deck.

How you should be able to fully remove the cover and get it out of the way.

Now unscrew the old vent. Once that is done you should be able to pull back the gas and vent hoses away from the gunnel.

Now is a good time to remove the p-trap part of the old vent assembly from the vent hose

The new stainless steel vent is quite a bit bigger than the old vent. You will need to drill out the old hole to about 1 and 3/8 inch. I did this using a cheap unibit I got from Amazon for $10. After cutting deburr the hole.

On the inside I had to cut a little bit of carpet away from the gunnel so the new vent could make a good seal

Now install the vent. I used blue loctite on the backing nut and the removable screen. Not sure if this is needed, but I did not want anything vibrating apart. After the vent is installed in the hull plug it into the hose and tighten the hose clamp.

Put the cover back on and tigten everything up and you're done!

Misc Update

Last few short trips I have hit Geanos reef and Oconto. Geanos reef was a bust. Marked nothing all day, but did see people musky fishing on ...