Monday, May 29, 2017

Labor Day Weekend 2017

Saw Jethro Tull at Red Rocks on Friday. Got up at 4 am Saturday and drove to Granby to fish for the rest of the weekend. The fish are really active back in Arapaho Bay. Diane and I both did really well. We caught a pair of 24"ers and a lot of 20-22" as well. The weather was nice. The lake was lower than I have ever seen it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cold Trip To Blue Mesa 5-18-17

First major trip of 2017. The weather in Denver and on the way to Blue Mesa was really nice. As soon as we hit Gunnison it started snowing. For the next 3 days the average temperature when on the lake was about 30F. Pretty cold. We still managed to catch a good amount of fish and had a good time.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Getting ready for 2017 season :D

Finally time to breakout the boat and get ready for the 2017 season. In a week and a half Diane and I are heading to Blue Mesa for 5 days. So this weekend I started the process of getting everything ready. De-winterized the boat. Changed the oil in the lower unit, got new tires for the trailer, start putting all the batteries back in etc. Put the muffs on the engine and it fired right up. By the time I had the boat ready to go in was close to 5pm so we decided to wait till tomorrow (Sunday) to take the boat out.

Gander Mountain was recently bought by Camping World :(. Camping World decided to close all the stores, liquidate all the stock, then reopen 70..? As of now, no store knows if they are in the 70 that will remain open. This makes me sad because there are not a lot of good sportsman stores left in Denver. Bass Pro Shops pretty much ran all the small places out of business, leaving just a few other large competitors. Bass Pro Shop is the worst... So Gander is having a giant sale. Diane and I finally decided to buy a Yeti cooler :D It's so nice, I think I will feel bad the first time it gets dirty :(

Sunday we took the boat out to Chatfield just to make sure everything was good to go. The day started out overcast. After being at the lake for about 2 hours the weather got nasty so we decided to call it a day. The boat did well and I feel it is ready for 2017. Now I just have to get all my fishing and camping gear in order.

Misc Update

Last few short trips I have hit Geanos reef and Oconto. Geanos reef was a bust. Marked nothing all day, but did see people musky fishing on ...