Thursday, August 19, 2021

Larson's and 2 Mile Reef 8/17 and 8/18

Took off work early on Tuesday and headed up to 2 mile reef. On the spot about 4pm. Water temp was mid 70's. Good breeze put a solid chop on the water. Fishing was good. Boated 22 eyes in about 3 hours. Couple of good sized ones.

Stayed at Cherryland that night and started off at Larson's reef the next morning. Basically no wind at all and the water temp got up to 80. Didn't really see many fish at all. Managed on small eye and a sheepshead. After about 6 hours of that I loaded the boat up and went back to 2 Mile. Fished there from about 3 to 5. Still no wind and super hot water temps. Water was also very green with alge. Marked tons of fish on the reef but nothing much was biting for the first hour. After that the bite slowly picked up. Boated about 12 fish. No biggins. All on glide baits.

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