Monday, August 16, 2021

2 Mile Reef 8/14

Fising by 6 am. Wind was not bad. Water temp was low 70s. Good chop on the water in the morning and afternoon. In the morning the reef was loaded with people. After an hour or so most people took off. Found walleye stacked up all over the north end in about 20 FOW. Hammered them on #2 Shiver Minnow - Purple Zit and #7 metallic blue jigging rap. Caught about 30, with 7 being over 21". The largest was about 23.75. They were all supper fat and hard fighting. Fishing was really good in the morning and afternoon when the wind was blowing. In the middle of the day it got calm and slowed down. Hooked into what must have been a massive catfish. Had him for about a minute before it got off. Sunday I fished Sister Bay. Got about 9 bass. Couple of good ones. It was a little slow over all. Big wind and waves made the day kind of miserable.

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