Sunday, February 10, 2019

Taking the Camper to Cherry Creek

To get familiar with the new camper I plan on staying at Cherry Creek State Park three or four times before fishing season. Saturday was our first night staying the camper since we brought it home. I unloaded the camper a week or so ago so I could have airbags and a heavy duty sway bar installed on the truck. So my first job was to get the camper back on the truck. This was my first time loading the camper and it was very challenging!1 To load the camper correctly the camper needs to be square and centered in the bed. This is much harder than it sounds... I did finally get it, it was not exactly centered but close enough. I bought a framers laser to help me out next time. I hope it makes the job a little easier.

Once the truck was loaded everything else was easy and fun. It got pretty cold at night, probably in the teens, but we stayed plenty warm. I slept very well.

The truck seems to perform a lot better with the airbags and sway bar. The real test will be when a diesel blows buy me at 75mph.

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