Monday, October 21, 2019

Ezee Steps

When trailering my Lund I step off the bow onto the trailer so I can crank the boat up while trying not to get wet. It's a little sketchy stepping off the bow and I'm pretty sure eventually I would fall off into the lake. I looked around for some aftermarket solutions and came across Ezee Step. I ordered it and got it installed today. Extremely well built and looks good too. This should make loading and retrieving the boat a breeze now.

Update - Oct 25th. I fished until 7pm on Friday. It was very dark when it came time to pull the boat out. Now I can say I literally LOVE these steps. It made trailering the boat super easy and safe, even in the dark. I have ordered a thick pool noodle that I'm going to use as padding around the step supports just in case the boat ever tries to rub on them. I don't think its likely to, but for the price of $5 I can make it a non issue.

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