Friday, April 27, 2018

Fly Fishing @ Aurora Reservoir

I received a fly rod as a wedding present 2 and a half years ago. Wednesday I finally tried it out. This was also my first time to go to Aurora Reservoir. The reservoir is a great lake, looks very fishy and has produced a lot of state record fish. I plan on fishing this lake a lot more.

The fly fishing went ok, actually went pretty good for a first trip I think. I spent the first half of the morning getting caught up in trees and everything else. Last half I decided to fish the dam. The dam seems a perfect place for a new to fly fish from the bank. It has no trees or rocks and drops off into deeper water right away. I had a few follower trout, but no takes. Overall I am pretty happy with the casting and think had I started at the dam I would have caught my first fish on the fly. I'm headed up to Twin Lakes today after work. Thinking I'll catch my first fish on the fly there this weekend.

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