Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chatfield Early June

Chatfield has been really slow for walleye (for me anyway). Monday I decided to forget about walleye for a while and try my luck with some smallmouth bass. Diane and I went out Monday night for an hour and caught two each. I went out again this morning and got five. All were caught jigging. Today they seemed to be into green with red flecks. I actually caught the bass in a new spot. I have always fished the dam for smallies. Typically you can find them near hard rocky bottoms. I found these guys on weeds with a steep drop off near by.

I also tried night fishing for catfish on Sunday. It' was super boring hah. Note to self: never try fishing with chicken liver again :s

Sunday when we showed up to fish the wind started blowing *really* hard. The cove with the boat ramp had 3 foot waves coming into it. I have never seen waves like that at Chatfield before. It was actually pretty scary. One minute everything was ok, next minute three foot waves. We waited for the wind to pass before we went out.

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