Monday, June 25, 2018

Granby 6/22 to 6/25

Water temp 61ish Lake really full, still rising.

First day was windy from 6am till we got off the lake. Managed 4 fish over 24 inches sharpshooting big marks back in A bay; caught a bunch of dinks too. Some small fish in the channels. Overall a little slow. Next 2 days were slow and windy AF. First and second day the swells were big enough that my trolling motor ripped up from the bow of the boat. First day I just put a new lag bolt in and tightened everything up. Second time it happened I replaced all the hardware with 1/4-20 stainless steel with big fender washers, lock washers, nylon insert nuts, and red lock tight. Even added a few extra bolts. Think it should be good now...

We fished through a hail storm and huge waves..actually felt pretty safe the whole time. Drove around in it a bit. Trimmed the motor up and gave it just enough gas to move as quick as we could without getting on a plane. This kept the bow up really high.

The third day we found big marks in A-bay, we moved around every 10 minutes looking for a new mark. I got 2 really big bites, when I felt the weight of the fish it was like I hooked a stump. Both got off. I did manage to sharp shoot a thick 24"er. Because of this I ordered all the stuff needed to pour my own jigs finally. I also plan on look at a new rod. One that's somewhere in between by St. Croix and Fenwick. The St. Croix is great, nice and light, but I think the tip might be a bit too soft. The Fenwick is super stiff but also heavy AF and feels like it has no tip at all.

Saw some big marks on the 3rd day on the 51 FOW hump right off Shelter. No takers, I'll be back for them :D

Diane and I got our 2018 master angler patches and certs today :D

Used the new bigger net for the first time. Its pretty heavy and does not slide expand like our other net. It is a lot wider and the net is a little deeper. Still not as deep as I would like. The gunwale on my boat are kind of high, I want a net that I can easily hang over the side and keep the fish comfortably in the water while I'm removing hooks, getting ready for pics etc.

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