Monday, June 4, 2018

Williams Fork June First

Diane and I were supposed to go to Eleven Mile Reservoir this weekend but decided to go to Williams Fork at the very last minute. Eleven Mile is a far drive and we get skunked 50% of the time. Williams Fork is a pretty cool lake that offers the change to catch big Lakers and trophy Pike.

We left for Granby Friday at 3pm. Checked in to our hotel about 5:30. Since it was still early we decided to hit Monarch lake and fish a little. This was my first time to use my float tube. We both caught a couple of brook trout. I caught one that was pretty decent size and put up a good fight.

Next morning we got to Williams Fork at 5:15am! only to discover the boat ramp did not open until 6am. While waiting for the boat ramp to open I started to get the boat ready. It was then I discovered the drivers side windshield was completely broken. Glass was everywhere. I spent the next 45 minutes cleaning up the glass, my hands got cut up and it just sucked overall. I have a replacement on order, should arrive in two weeks, cost $485 :(

I did not let this stop me from fishing. We launched the boat and headed to a spot on the lake I heard about. I then spent the next 1/2 hour mapping this section of the lake with the sonars autocharting feature. Once I found a nice flat in about 50ish feet of water I started seeing huge fish everywhere! We fished for about an hour when I hooked into a HUGE fish. My pole was completely bent double and line was screaming off the reel. I pumped the rod and reeled in some line, huge head shakes, this went on for about two minutes...then the fish was gone!!! I was little bummed, but more just in shock and happy to have the experience. Managed to catch a could of fat 28 inchers. We caught some dinks the next day.

I know have decided I want to make/pour my own jigs. I also want to order some rock tamers for my truck.

Note to self: Some guy caught a 44" pike there that weekend. Pike bite is on.

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