Sunday, August 30, 2020

Spinney 8/29

Hit the lake Friday about 4pm. Not much wind at all. Got a 27" right away and missed a couple of more bites on the 'main' point. Diane caught 3 small pike. Saturday we had 0 wind. It sucked hah. Water completely covered in pollen stuff. Laker super low, surface temp was 61. Got one bite at 9:30 on a S-Waver 120, fat 33.5" Diane caught a fat trout and a small pike. At about 1pm the crazy wind, rain, and lightning moved in....really really fast. Scary just how fast the weather can change up there. I felt 100% safe in the wind and waves in the Lund, but the lightning was literally right over head. So we headed in, along with 15 or so other boats. The ramp was packed and would be for 20 or so minutes. I looked around and noticed a kayaker near the dam. The wind was blowing into the dam so it had the biggest waves. The kayker looked to be struggling a bit. I saw two boats drive right past him. I drove over and asked if he was okay. At this point it's hailing and the wind and waves are howling. He said he needed help. I did a loop around him, killed my motor, and let my boat drift side to side into his kayak. He grabbed my boat, we began moving all his gear into my boat. Then he got in. I pulled his kayak into my boat. Once everything was secured we headed towards the ramp. I spoke with the guy a bit, he seems to have a hard time talking, I think he was really cold and tired, and probably in shock a bit. I noticed he was not wearing a PFD! This guy was pretty lucky someone stopped to help him. If he would have gone in it would 100% have been over for him. Anyway, got him back to the ramp and he was very thankful. I did manage to get some of his mono around my prop shaft :( I'll check this week and see if the seal is jacked.

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