Sunday, May 19, 2019

Blue Mesa 5/19

Diane and I hit the lake this morning at 6am. Since the boat was last at the Flaming Gorge the boat had to be deconed. The hotsy used for decon was not available until 7am. I was finally on the water at 7:50...

We started in the spots we did well at last year. Caught a few browns and small lakers. Searched around a lot without much luck. In the afternoon we started doing better. Caught a whole bunch more browns and a few more lakers. I did not see any big marks on the graph.

Finally at the end of the day I started looking around near the Lake Fork boat ramp. Saw our first biggish mark of the day. Diane caught it, 28" laker. Then I caught a fat 24". Few more lakers, then I caught a 21.5" Brown! Only 1/2 shy of a master angler.

Overall we caught 40ish fish. Not too bad, but we did not find any big ones really.

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