Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pueblo 12-26

Thursday was the only day for at least a week that would be in 40s and not snowing. Hit the lake about 8:30am. Fishing was very slow. On top of that my Solix touch screen and side imaging just stopped working. I had to shut down the unit and then turn the master power switch off for a minute to get it working again. The day was also about 3 times as windy as predicted. It was a tough morning hah. In the afternoon I started catching fish, walleyes and SMB, on Puppet Minnows. Mostly on a white and orange glow puppet minnow. Manged a few fish on blades too. Caught the fattest rainbow I have ever seen in person on a blade. Ended up being a decent day. Water temp was about 41 on the east end. Water was up about 2-3 feet, lot of wood and sticks floating around.

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