Monday, May 21, 2018

Granby 5-18 and 5-19

Took my friend Joe fishing at Granby. Water temp was about 45-48. We fished the channels in about 38-40 FOW. Did really well. 35ish fish the first day with one 26". It was just me the second day and I only fished about 2 hours. Got 10 or 11 with one measuring 27.25". The 27"er put up a really good fight, I thought I had hooked into a 30"er.

This weekend I set a new goal for myself. Calling it a 'hat trick'. A fish each in the same day from Granby, Willow Creek, and Williams Fork. The best I have managed so far is a bunch from Granby and one from Willow Creek in the same day.

That weekend I also hit Willow Creek and Williams Fork. Managed one small Rainbow from Willow Creek. We were only at Williams Fork for about 15 minutes before we got blown off.

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