Monday, August 22, 2016

Turn Around Trip At Granby

Took another trip to Granby from August 15th to the 19th. August can be one of the slower times for fishing at Granby due to the water temperatures. My first few days were pretty slow. I think I got 5 the first day, 1 the second day, and 3 the third day haha. At this point this was the worst trip I have ever had to Granby. The 4th day I tried a new jigging technique my friend Jeremy showed me. Instead of a slowish up and down of about 1.5 to 2 inches I normally do, I went with a faster 1/2 inch up and down motion. This basically all happens with the very tip of the rod. The backbone of the rod doesn't really move at all. With this new technique I caught 11 fish the 4th day. On the fifth day I tried a new spot I found on a flat sandy area about 70 feet deep. I caught 19 fish in 4 hours. Most of the fish were in the 18-21 inch range. I literally went through an entire package of jigs. The fish just destroyed them. I'm glad I was able to turn the trip around. The new technique I really think was key. The new St. Croix rod I have been using really shines with this new technique.

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